Fathers' Do Care

Contrary to the popular belief of society and the ecclesiastical community, some fathers do care. If you review your past, you probably know of a male who was a good dad. Surely, we are well aware there are some fathers who neglect their responsibilities, shame on them. There are some many negative connotations directed at the father, until it smothers the fathers who are responsible. The father is portrait as an intimidating disciplinary of the family. Sometimes that is an unfair demeanor bestowed on the male parent. The dad has a natural intuition to survive and to nurture his own. Fathers do have that inner Love for his family. Often it depicts as tough love. Fatherís love can be seen if we look pass all of the negativity. Fatherís love is often express through actions; some times audibly, but not much. Some fathers took their sons to the baseball game or took their daughters to their dance recital. Some taught their sons and daughters how to survive in the world. Some fathers have endured or absorbed the stereotypes of fatherhood, but they held their grounds. There is praise in the air for those fathers who are trying to be what God has ordained them to be.

It is hard to father a child or children away from the home, but be there for them as much as you possibly can. The normal application is that it cannot happen. If you desire to be there and the mother is cooperating with you, it is possible. Many fathers who are not in the home, but they participate in the life of the child. It is not like living in the same house with the child/children, but we have these kinds of situations. Quality time is the important issue. The mother and the father can be in the same house, but never have quality time with the young ones. There is quantity time, but not quality time.

A single father shares the some of the same pain as the single mother. There are 1.8 million single fathers in America. It is not an easy job. They juggle work, home chores, helping their children with homework, taking children to their sporting events etc. Some fathers has to deal with the emotional trauma of the children, because they feel abandon by their mothers. This has an emotional impact of the father. On the surface, children can semi-handle the absence of the father in the home, but not the absence of the mother. Little boys have difficulty dealing with the absence of the father and little girls have difficulty handling the absence of the mother. This is why the mother and the father at home or not must play an entrical role in the childís life. There are emotional and mental stresses as a single father. Go fishing, take a break you deserve it. There is admiration for those men who take the sole responsibility to raise their little ones.

There was a man who had two sons. The younger son was feeling himself and wanted to see what the world had to offer. He wanted everything right now. Surely, his dad taught him to be responsible, but the son was not hearing that. The son figure is dad was old and did not know the happening. He asked his dad for a lump sum of money. As a matter of fact, he almost demanded it. He just had to go and get out on his own. He saw all of his friends out having fun, coming in the house all times of the night. He wanted to do just what they were doing. What the young lad did not realize was that the world was harder to live than he thought. You see the father has been where the lad is trying to go; thatís all some fathers try to express. Where you are trying to go dad has already been and he does not want you to make the same mistakes he made, because he already knows the consequences of them.

So the father let his young son go out on his own. Sometimes fathers, you can only do so much and can only say so much. Then you have to let them go and try the world for themselves. If you taught them, they will not forget. Train up a child in the way he should go; when he grows old (mature), he will not depart from it.

The son went out as far away from home as he could. He partied, partied, partied and partied and partied. He was just having a good old time. In the meantime, the father no doubt talked to the older son about how he was concerned about his little brother. The father was concerned, but he knew by the life style of his young son that he will come back home. So, what is a father to do, just wait?

As time went on, the son was having a good time. All of his friends were hanging out as long as he had money. Now the son has more time than money. It all ran out. Something he recalled about what his dad had said about being responsible, something about earning your keeps. He had no skills nor did he go to school. He got a job, but it was not the ideal job. It was a low paying job, a minimum wage job. It was not even part of his character. The job was really beneath him considering what he had at home. He took the job trying his hardest not to go back home. There were too many rules there. He could not have his freedom. He could not come in the house the time he wanted to. He worked the job and thought it was cool. Now reality began to set in. His income was not enough to pay his bills. He began to get hungry. He almost stole food that pigs would eat.

He started thinking about how well he had it at home under his fatherís care. He had food to eat, house to live in, a bed to sleep in, at his fatherís house. Therefore, the lad came to himself. He was honest with himself. He searched his inner being. He knew he was wrong for the way he treated his dad, the way he left home, and how rebellious he was. He wanted to make things right with his father. He concluded he was going to go back to the home. He about thought what he was going to say and how he was going to say it. It was a long journey back home. He had plenty of time to think and rethink his situation. He left with plenty, but he returned with nothing. He was dirty. He had not showered in a couple of days. He belly was empty. He lost weight and a comb has not touch his head in weeks. He was shame face. He remembered if there was no other place for him to go, he could go home.

The father did not worry too much, but he was in anticipation that his son would return home. One day he went to sit out on the front porch. He looked down the road. He saw a young man that resembled his son. He ran out to meet him with great joy. The young man wanted to tell his dad that he was sorry, but the father was so emotionally excited to see his son that he did not give his son a chance to say anything until they got home. After their return home, the son asked for forgiveness. The father accepted it and threw a big party for his son.

The father knew his had made a mistake, but he received him with open arms and understanding. He did not want to scold his son. The world scolded him enough. There is a saying experience is the best teacher.

There was a movie that used to come on television called ďFather Knows BestĒ. Robert Young was the father in this movie. He had a wife and three children. He was a man of good morals. Whenever his children encounter a dilemma in their lives, they consulted their dad. In return, he showed a caring attitude and directed them in the way they should go.

A father of wise will train his children to survive in his absence, to make good judgments and decisions. For generations, Satan has been attacking the father in many ways. The way to fight this invisible war is to submit your selves unto Jesus Christ. It will not make you any less a father or leader, but submitting to Christ will make one a more effective leader and father. The generational stereotypes and the laws applied toward the father have tarnished the image of the father. There are some who stand out beyond the rest. There are some fathers who care.