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If you wish to contact Dr. Brian E. W. Cretter for an engagement, sermon tapes, or a copy of his latest book "God's Divine Order: What Is Happening To Our Families?" feel free to contact him at:

Rhema-Faith Ministries International
P.O. Box 706
Florissant, Mo. 63032-0706.
Voice: (314) 837-1313
Fax: (314) 838-1228

Be sure to include you Full Name, Address, and Telephone Number.

The cost of "God's Divine Order: What Is Happening To Our Families" is $10 dollars.
Make check out to: Rhema-Faith Ministries International

All proceeds are used that God may be glorified, the Church edified and the World evangelized.

You will not be contacted unless requested by you, or to confirm the information that you have provided.

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