Rhema-Faith Ministries International (R.F.M.I.), Philippines was formed by the will of God. A pastor in General Santos, Philippines by the name of Leonardo Maste found R.F.I. M.Org on the internet. They were communicating by e-mail. Led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Maste invited Dr. Cretter to preach and to minister in a crusade for a week in the month of September 2004. Due to time constraints, Pastor Maste solicited the help of Pastor Efren Estimada - founder of Lord of Glory Church. Pastor Estimada's faithfulness and loyalty to the mission of God, brought forth a bond and a covenant between himself and Dr. Cretter. Pastor Estimada organized the crusade and the theme for that week was "The Great Awakening of God, Ephesians 5:14." As a result, the Word of God went forth and His mighty works were manifested.

The powerful teachings and the spiritual gift of healing by Dr. Cretter, allowed many to be saved and healed that week. By the second day of the crusade, the Lord spoke to Pastor Estimada's heart and discussed with Dr. Cretter about starting a R.F. I. M. in the Philippines. With the direction of the Holy Spirit Pastor Estimada and Dr. Cretter was on one accord and in agreement. To this union was born R. F. I. M., Philippines (R.F.I.M.P). On the third night of the crusade, the Lord unctioned Dr. Cretter to impart gifts and to ordain Pastor Estimada over R.F.I.M.P. The vision of R.F.I.M.P. is to reach the lost and to erect a church building with the inclusion of a school.

Through this effort, God will be glorified, the Church (Body of Christ) edified,and the World evangelized.

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