Victory Over Trials

I Peter Chapter 1

In this first epistle of the Apostle Peter, we will discover that Peter gives hope to a persecuted and suffering people. Peter is writing to the Jews who were scattered through out Asia Minor (modern day turkey). Through out this epistle, the apostle Peter relates the suffering of the Children of God to the suffering of Jesus Christ. There is a difference between trials and persecution. Many Christians, in the Land of the “free”, talk about persecution. What actually is persecution? What is a trial?

The Greek word for trial is Dokimion. Dokimion is the means by which one is proved, tested, or experience. A trial can take on many forms. Some are more severe than the others are. A believer may loose his or her job, but that maybe the extent of it. Then, if one loose his or her job and cannot find another right way, then bills go unpaid, and even one has to foreclose on their house. These are trials.

The Greek word for persecution is Dioko. Dioko means to put to flight, drive away, to pursue in an effort to get rid off. Persecution is the severest test of one’s faith. One has to endure physical affliction or torture for Jesus’ sake. It is when; the persecutor would try to take your life for acknowledging Jesus is Lord.