Dr. Cretter is married to Lady Linda D.W. Cretter. He has four daughters – Gail, VonDina, Frederica and Marissa and four sons, Jordan Elijah. Frederick, Clyde and Maurice. He has completed his Bachelor’s of Bible Study and Christian Behavior, A Master’s of Ministry and a Doctorate of Ministry. All are through the Anchor Theological Seminary.

He is lead by the Spirit of the Lord, operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the ministry gifts of Christ. His ministry seeks to fulfill the Great Commission through public worship, consistent Christian ministries and Christian education. The efforts of this ministry is that God would be glorified, the body of Christ edified, and the world evangelized.

He believes there is one God, one faith, and one baptism. He believes that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God. He believes the Holy Bible is fully inspired by the Word of God. Being led by the Holy Spirit, he completes his diligent studies of God’s Word daily. As the Holy Spirit leads him, he develops and presents his sermons and teaching material with a sound biblical foundation. The principal goals of his preaching and teaching are: God would be glorified, the Church [body] edified, and the community evangelized.